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What is NewTalk?
NewTalk is an online forum where small groups of experts are invited to hold candid discussions about America’s most pressing domestic issues in the fields of economy, education, environment, healthcare, and justice. Each discussion focuses on one specific question, over a period of up to three days, with one participant acting as moderator.

Who talks on NewTalk?
We invite contributors who are among the leading authorities in their areas—whether in thinking, policy or practice—and who represent a diverse range of informed viewpoints.

Can I comment on a discussion?
We invite public comments about the discussions—all we ask is that you Register with your email address and Sign In. Please note that we review all comments prior to posting, and we reserve the right to remove or not post comments at our discretion. Please review our Terms of Use for our complete policy about posting comments.

Who started NewTalk?
NewTalk was created under the auspices of Common Good, a nonprofit, nonpartisan coalition to restore reliability to America’s legal system.

How can I suggest a topic?
We welcome your ideas: editor@newtalk.org

About using the site

Do I need to register on NewTalk.org?
The site is public, but to post a comment you need to Register and Sign In.  
The “Sign In” link appears on the upper right of every page.

I can't remember my username / passwordwhat should I do?
Just follow the “Forgot your password?” link on the Sign In page.

Where can I edit my profile?
Once you have signed in, the “Edit Profile” link appears in the upper right of each page. (Please note you cannot change your screen name once you have registered, but you are welcome to register a new screen name with another email account.)

Where can I change my password?
You can change your password on your profile page. Once you save new information on your profile page, it is automatically updated.

How do I sign up for the NewTalk News email?
At the bottom of each NewTalk page is a field to enter your email address. You will receive a confirmation email to accept delivery of our newsletter.

Can I include a link in my comment?
You are free to include URL addresses in your comments, but they may or may not be included at the discretion of NewTalk. Links to advertisements, personal web pages or other inappropriate sites will be deleted. URLs that are included will be converted to hyperlinks.  

What if I have other questions?
Please follow the Contact link at the bottom of every page, to ensure your message will get to the right person.

Who talks at NewTalk See All

Jane Hannaway Urban Institute
John Bridgeland Civic Enterprises
Martin West Brown University
Stuart L. Brown National Institute for Play
Maurice Miller The Family Independence Initiative
Gene Steuerle The Peter G. Peterson Foundation

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  • Risk and Legal Fear in Schools
    With Lenore Skenazy, Frederick Hess, Megan Rosker, Walter Olson, and Nancy McDermott. Start date: June 5